Pawn your asset

Here you can get fast and confidential loans against gold assets, luxury timepieces and auction items. We perform expert evaluation of high-end collaterals and provide loans of up to 50% of their current market value.

Various options

We accept all kinds of valuable assets, from jewlery and precious metals, to branded watches and paintings.

  • Pawn gold

    Unlock the liquidity of your gold assets such as fine jewelry, gold coins and bullion. We issue quick and secure loans against gold in any form, and you retain the opportunity to redeem the collateral within the loan period. It is especially important if your asset has sentimental value.

  • Pawn watches

    High-end watches of renowned brands have long become investment pieces. They hold their value and often appreciate over time. A lot of owners deem it reasonable to pawn their timepieces rather than to sell them outright, because they get quick access to cash but do not have to part with their watches forever.

  • Pawn auction items

    Valuable assets such as fine art paintings, sculptures, collectibles, vintage and antique items often have significant investment potential. That is why they can serve as collateral for pawn loans. Your asset will be stored in a secured vault and maintained in good condition.

Why choose the Dates Finance Group?

With a focus on high-end collaterals, our specialized knowledge ensures accurate evaluations and fair pricing.

  • Competitive monthly rate of only 3%
  • Credit score is not impacted
  • Guaranteed security and confidentiality
  • Redeem your asset at any moment

Do you know how much your asset is worth?

Find out now! With our convenient online evaluation, there is no need to leave the comfort of your home. Describe your asset and upload a few high-quality pictures, and in just 15 minutes we will send the answer to your email.

Get the most money when you pawn your asset

The expertise of our staff allows us to perform a comprehensive assessment of your item and loan you a fair amount that matches its true value. We consider the asset’s condition, artistic value, available certificates, receipts, and branded packaging (if applicable). For gold jewelry, our experts determine the gold karat using a special acid, weigh the item, size any stones, and note the cut, color, and clarity of each stone. As a result, we can loan you a higher amount than our competitors.

How to pawn your asset

In 4 easy steps anyone can get a loan with Datesfinance. Simple process, minimum documentation and friendly team will help you,

  • Submit your asset for quick online evaluation or visit one of our pawnshops.
  • Bring the asset to one of our offices for thorough inspection.
  • Provide your personal information (just a photo ID and a proof of address are required).
  • Sign the pawn contract and get cash money or a bank transfer.

Simpliest way to get money

Easier than a bank loan

Less complication and faster process to get money when and where you need it.

Dates Finance Group

Less complication and faster process to get money when and where you need it.

  • Quick evaluation and 1-day approval
  • Neither requires a credit check nor affects your credit score
  • If you don’t want to redeem your item, there is no penalty or damage to credit history
  • Requires just your address, a photo ID, and an asset

Bank loan

Long process with a high change for decline.

  • Requires an approval process that can take several weeks
  • Requires a credit check
  • Affects your credit score if not repaid on time
  • Has strict eligibility criteria

Find us

Visit our offices to get quick cash or shop our collection of watches, gold and auction items. Our friendly and respectful staff will gladly help you and answer any questions.

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